Why do I want to come to Japan?

Why do I want to come to Japan?

Japan is one of the most largest, sophisticated, historical market in the World!

A unique culture where a rich heritage contributes to an exciting future. In Japan, you will see timeless beauty side by side with dynamic breakthroughs in technology, culture and quality of life. Meticulous attention to detail combines with exquisite craft tradition to create cutting-edge solutions. This unique fusion will spark inspiration and ideas among your participants.
The Japanese goverment has announced a new visa called Tokutei Gino(Specified Skilled Worker) in 2019. Since then the people who started working and immigrated to Japan as been astonishing increasing and it has been a record breaking year ever since.

How can I work in Japan?

Today, if you apply and pass the new Tokutei Gino visa(Specified Skilled Worker), ANYONE can start working in Japan! There is no age, genda, backgroud barrier here. To get the Tokutei Gino visa(Specified Skilled Worker) You will need to pass, 1.A basic Japanese skill test equilavant to Japanese level N4, 2.Pass the exam for the market you choosed from the 14 categories. immi is specialized in Food service industry, and Accommodation industry. We are working hard so that we are able to offer more types of industries in the near future.
At immi, we offer free Japanese education through our online course which you will be able to learn and earn the skills to pass the necessary exams to apply the Tokutei Gino visa(Specified Skilled Worker) . This is a huge advantage that we offer to our students.

But this cost me a lot, right?

No, it doesnt! We will say it again, our service is for FREE! Our curriculum is based on “Irodori” which is a goverment supproted e-learning contents, and there is no down side compaired with the traditioinal face to face Japanese schools. Actually, this means our students can benefit from the flexibility of your choice to which time to study that suits your lifestyle.
But We will have to highlight that this does require a big commitment from our students. It will take approax. 6 months to complete our course and you do have to put a decent amount of your time to learn. This is a thing that you will have to commit to us. As it is said, “There is no free lunch!”

We are excited to hear from you!

If you have any interest in working Japan, and think that you can make the commitment to go through our learning process, please let us know. We will be willing to work you through and
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